Ford continuously tweaks and improves tech features, giving drivers like us the benefit of exploring new treats. We here at Apple Ford Shakopee are ecstatic just to explore any new tech features Ford has to offer. At the moment, we're loving two particular tech features on the enormously popular Ford Transit Passenger Wagon.

Ford SYNC 3

Ford SYNC 3 epitomizes the optimal infotainment management system. Sync 3 serves as a tech hub through which you access many other tech features offered on the Transit Passenger Wagon. Through SYNC 3, you can cast integrated Waze to the in-dash screen for tactile operation, or you can take advantage of hands-free operation of integrated Amazon Alexa, phone calls, navigation and real-time in-route alerts. The Sync3 AppLink even lets you manage Smart Home devices from inside the wagon.

Lane-Keeping Alert

Lane-Keeping Alert uses audio and visual alerts to prevent any fatigue-related lane-drifting. The system also entails a windshield-mounted camera that takes note of lane-drifting, prompting a steering-wheel vibration similar to the sensation of driving over a rumble strip. Experience these two tech features in person with a test drive at your earliest convenience.



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